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Secondary Secure Cloud Video footage back-up and maintenance plan, for homeowners, businesses (as mandated by federal regulations), government agencies, and places of worship. SCVS was built with a state of the art equipment, high-speed internet, robust security via firewalls, and constant power supply for a 24/7/365 uptime.   


Our SCVS fees are $9.75 per device per month offering the following:

  1.  Off-site video backup system, that can keep customizable lengths of time of your video footage, in case your system perishes for any reason.

  2. Maintenance plan – Any camera or NVR that may go bad, will be replaced at no charge for the equipment ( labor charges to replace the equipment will apply)

  3. Submission of video footage of incidents directly to the law enforcement authorities upon request

  • 99.99% Uptime

  • Unlimited Scalability

  • Highly affordable price

  • High Speed

  • Zero Maintenance 

  • Constant power supply


Auto Pay Form

 Secure Cloud Video Agreement

Customer Information
CC Payment  
ACH Payment  

By clicking submit, you agree to allow The M Sauer Company dba Security Unlimited to charge your submitted form of payment once a month, for the monitoring fees that you agreed upon, for the length of the monitoring agreement. 

By clicking submit, you also agree to all the terms and conditions depicted in the Secure Cloud Video Services Agreement. A Security Unlimited representative will contact you to tailor and complete the agreement, according to the rates and terms which you agreed to prior to installation. 


Please review the Secure Cloud Video Services Agreement prior to clicking the submit button. A copy of the agreement will be emailed to you upon its completion.

The credit card or bank account will not be charged until the system has been installed, tested and monitoring agreement has been completed. All documents, transmissions, and transactions conducted via our web site are secure and confidential. 

(Optional) I also allow Security Unlimited to use my form of payment for:

Your Information has been submitted!

Thank you! 

Caught in Action link provides you with a glance at a few of the latest videos Secure Cloud Video Services has provided the local authorities, and the owners of the facilities which were assaulted. 


for your free security evaluation!

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